Facility Paving

    One of the most common maintenance issues that plague distribution facilities today is the deterioration of heavy truck traffic paving.  An encyclopedia sized book could be written about concrete and the many factors that affect the longevity of it. There are multiple reasons for paving failure, but the most prevalent is subgrade failure. Concrete paving is really only as good as what’s underneath it.


    OCG replaces thousands of square feet per year and it is always our mission to provide the end user with the best possible product. In most cases we find that water migration has gotten to the subgrade and created soft spots, voids, and even areas where the concrete slabs slide periodically. This kind of deterioration happens over time, but once it has begun it is critical to correct it as soon as possible. Subgrade work during replacement is every bit as important as correct concrete placement and design.


    Preventative maintenance is much cheaper than concrete replacement and we recommend assessment and necessary construction and control joint sealing on an annual basis.